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Default Re: Low G to B KAHHHNNNNNN!!!!

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
I had one student who had the most chronic crossing-notes of anyone I'd experienced.

The only way I could fix it was come up with an exercise for every note-change, where he did the note-change in two steps, the first step being

When going to a higher note, initiate the movement with the topmost finger involved in the new note.

It is impossible to create a crossing-note if this principle is followed.
I do this as standard - similar to what Bob Worrall does. First lift all the fingers that will finish off the chanter, then place fingers down. If that's not clean, it's a "peeling" (excellent word) problem.

The handy advantage of this approach is that the gracenote fits very neatly into it as the gracenote finger simply lifts and falls with the first and second movements.

It's conceptually difficult to teach so what I do is introduce it in the form of concrete examples, and only once they've been mastered I go back and build up the theory.
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