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Default Re: Low G to B KAHHHNNNNNN!!!!


<<The only way I could fix it was come up with an exercise for every note-change, where he did the note-change in two steps, the first step being

When going to a higher note, initiate the movement with the topmost finger involved in the new note.

It is impossible to create a crossing-note if this principle is followed.>>

I call this "Lift - Change". Lift the highest finger, make all other changes -
slowly and deliberately with relaxed hands. It must feel ridiculously easy to do. When a gracenote is involved, it's "Lift - Change - Down".

If a student is making a crossing noise, the pendulum, if you will, has swung far to the wrong side with the fingers "peeling" off as mentioned. Swing the pendulum back to the other extreme with "Lift - Change" and the middle (all fingers lifting/going down when appropriate) will be achieved. Yes, you are making a false note by employing this method... but this is not performance, this is practice, in other words, the training the fingers to do what they are supposed to do.
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