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Does anyone have any suggestions for decent cheap import chanters, rosewood or cocobolo. I think years ago when I took on several students around the same time & I was getting them for $15-20 each, and if the student was sticking with it after 6 months they'd get a quality practice chanter.

I just got one for a new student with very small hands to help her with getting the mechanics down, as her full-size Wallace is a stretch for her trying to get the basic posture and scale at this point. It was $25 from AAR, amazon or ebay, and the reeds were totally worthless, something I'm used to. I put a $7 reed in it and its tolerable until she gets the basic mechanics down and has a foundation and graduates to her full sized again.

Anyone have any sources for these? I used to keep one in the car in the hot southern summers and balmy winters to practice at lunch and they were surprisingly resilient.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

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