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Default Re: Moisture Control Systems--Suggestions Please.

Originally Posted by psychodonald View Post
I'm awaiting delivery of a set of McCallum AP4 Acetyl pipes, and I've the impression that a moisture control system is desirable especially with plastic pipes. Providing that my assumption is correct, I would welcome suggestions. I guess, like most players, I'm looking for ease of instillation, maintenance, coupled with efficiency (am I asking too much?). I'm not a particularly "wet blower," and I'm not a "dry blower" either, I guess I'm some where in the middle, an "average blower" if there is such a category. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and offer your suggestions. Cheers, Don.
Hopefully you ordered your set with a Canmore hybrid bag....or a Bannatyne hybrid ...the Canmore will especially be helpful to with moisture control. The most simple MCS device imo is a vinyl tube trap to the rear of the bag and incorporating a Trap-Dri device. No pellets to dry, no kitty litter dust , virtually no added weight or bulk in the bag...and cost about <$5 to DIY + $25 for the Trap-Dri. Been using mine for at least 10 years...put onto it by a Scots Guard PM friend using same since years before....except no Trap-Dri.
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