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Default Re: Costa Mesa

I think it is very sad when people do these games for free only to be bashed by folks. It is a lot of work to put a games contest together. Yes Piob is on Friday because they are such long tunes.

With regards to Costa Mesa I thought it was smooth and fabulous. The judges were very nice to my daughter. Was everything perfect maybe not but it never will be. There will always be a glitch somewhere because you are dealing with humans who are imperfect. The games organizer cannot control the behavior of who he has there. So rather than nit pick at a few lags maybe look at the competition as a whole and appreciate all the work that goes into putting one of these on.

Those of us that put these games on do it, at least for me, because we love bagpipe music and want to see it continue. We get nothing out of it. Like someone once told me it costs you a lot of money to be a volunteer at a Scottish Games. The sidebar is I get to meet fabulous people doing this and am making friends.

I personally have been attacked with malicious lies and I considered quitting but I also realize that this individual does not represent the majority of the fabulous piping and drumming folks out there and that is who I am doing this for.

My dad loved bagpiping and that is who I am doing this for. He would be over the moon if he were here to see Linda. He was a very late starter and only mastered a small amount of bagpiping before he got lung cancer and had to quit.

So maybe instead of complaining about things offer to help or at least don't make the organizers lives more difficult. We are doing the best job we can. Example, this year was the first year I had a band comp. Well I was off at the airport (2 hours away) picking up the judges and the person I left in charge didn't get the bleachers far enough apart. Not much I could do about it Sat morning at 7 AM so the WUSPBA rep just rolled with it. The pipe bands didn't complain and it was all good. Next year will be better!! I learned how to paint at circle at Costa Mesa.

Lets all have fun and just roll with the little glitches. Life is too short to complain. This coming from someone who is one year clear of terminal cancer.
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