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Default Piper Needed for June Film Shoot in Brooklyn, NY

An old friend is doing a film project where she needs a piper to perform during one scene. Apparently the piping itself doesn't need to be all that great. It's a comedy and the piping is there to be kind of annoying and disrupt a conversation. She also mentioned she might want the piper to play it a bit 'sweaty and drunk'. Gender/looks/age can be of any sort (as long as you look over 21 obviously). This sounds more like an acting gig for someone who can play pipes well enough to know how to play them badly in a comedic style rather than your typical piping gig.

The film shoot is now set for Saturday 6/23, time TBD.
The location is in Brooklyn, most likely off the 4 or 5 trains.

I think you'll be expected in full kit but again, sounds like fine tuning is not essential.

Pay is $125.

If anyone is potentially interested, email me at and I'll put you in touch.


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