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Default Best drone reeds for 1990's Kintail

For those owning 1990's Kintails, what synthetic drone reed do you find works the best and delivers the best sound?

In the late 90's I started piping with a set of Kintails and used cane reeds with no problems. I drifted in and out of piping since, but have recently gotten serious about it again, but the Ezeedrone reeds ain't so ezee. The middle tenor likes to double tone. I've switched the reeds around and there are no obvious cracks or other issues. I'm a steady blower. I've read other posts with others having the same problem. Is there a defect with the instrument or just my ability to set these reeds properly?

I prefer something stable, air-efficient, and that has a nice full sound without sounding like a buzz saw.
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