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My first instructor had me purchase a PC as part of the agreement, I could see the practicality behind that as I would always have it with me. But for a younger beginning student who may be encouraged by parents, possibly having a rental PC of decent quality is the way to go. Have at a minimum a deposit of 50% the cost of the PC.

Go with a good poly PC even at the higher cost. Have the parent's sign a contract acknowledging that the PC is a rental to be returned if the student withdraws. If the Parent lays down a security deposit, they'll either want that back and return the chanter or you can purchase a new chanter with a portion of the proceeds from teaching and the deposit which is not refunded if the chanter and reed are not returned.

Think about teaching as a business proposition if you are doing solo instructions. How many facilities rent band instruments? it is the same idea. Also go with a solid PC reed. Explain the hows and whys protecting the PC reed from damage as well as that can be included in the cost of a deposit.

While a solid PC, new at $75 may seem expensive, it is well worth the price over time if a student sticks with the program. If the student drops out and the PC is returned, the deposit is returned and you have a PC for the next student.

If I have some one who is interested and considers sitting in on the fundamentals, fingerings and basic scale exercises, I have a PC available right from the start that stays with me. They have time to think over the commitment they need to make and it is no foul and no harm but for some time.
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