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Default Re: Tunes for Burns' Night

John Anderson my jo',
Cuckold come out of the Amry,
the Bonny Lass of Livingstone (aka Highland Laddie),
the Broom o' the Cowdenknowes,
The Day Dawes (aka Tuttie Tattie, aka Scots wa hae)
Jacky Lattin,
I hae a wife o' my own,
I'll gang no more to yon town,
Johnny Armstrong of Kilknockie
Cock up thy beaver
Kail and pudding, porridge and ale
Johnny Faa
Maggy Lauder
Mount your baggage
O'er the hills and far awa'
The Ranting Hielieman
Kilt thy coat, Maggie
Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
Robin Shure in Hurst
The Rock and the wee pickle tow
Roslyn Castle
Hey ca' thro
the mill, the mill o'
Up and waur' them a' Willie
When she cam ben, she bobbit
Andro and his cutty gun
Woo'd and married and a'
Barbera Allan
Stumpie (aka the Highland Wedding)
Drink the worts and spill the beer
Kiss her under the covers
Back of the change house
Wee totum fogg
Montgomeries' Maggot (aka Come Boat me Over)
O'er Bogie

-all tunes that were played in his day, and many of which he put words to.
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