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Default Re: Free sites - to host your photos and videos

Originally posted by Casual Clicks:
I LOVE FLICKR. Easy to use, seamless, great functionality and features...very intuitive.
One thing I've just noticed about, which users should be aware of, is that apparently in IE (or at least my version of IE - v.6) it's not possible to right-click on the photos and obtain the URL to the actual image file - for whatever reason, that option is greyed-out. I noticed this after a friend attempted to post a pic from by copying and pasting the URL that appeared in the address bar of his browser, instead of copying the link location to the actual photo file (jpg). The link that appears in the address bar is for the Flickr web page on which the photo appears - not the photo file itself. The UBB code for displaying photos will not recognize the Flickr web page as a valid image file.

I'm not sure whether or not this issue also pertains to other free image hosting sites, but it merits notice. If, after uploading a photo to one of these hosting services, you're unable to copy the image link by right-clicking on the image, you may be able to locate the URL by following these steps:

1. from the browser menu bar, click "view" then "source" or "page source" (depending on the browser)

2. the html source code for the page you're viewing will open in a separate window (usually in Notepad). From the menu bar of this window, click "Edit" "Find"

3. in the "Find" dialog box, type in the name of the image file; for example, "image.jpg"

4. if found, the file name will be highlighted in the source window. Extend the highlight to the entire URL (starting with "http://") and copy it.

5. you can test this by pasting the copied URL back into the address bar of your browser, then click the "Go" button. If the link brings up your image on an otherwise blank screen, then you've got the correct link to use on the BDF.
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