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Default Re: Old Dogs... New Tricks?

Well, folks are starting to call me El Geezar, humpf. I am not playing as much these days, why not? I am just too flipping busy. I thought that when one became a septuagenarian one was supposed to have more time, ha! I haven't retired and don't plan to. I am just back from several weeks working in Hong Kong and am due to go to Malta and Rome in the fall for more work. I've got papers and a book due to the editors in March. It just keeps piling up. I am working about 50 hours a week during the year. So no time for piping as yet. Oh I keep a P/C in the car to keep the fingers supple and use an electronic chanter for breaks at work, but the full pipes, nope. When it is time for the pipes it is either too hot or too cold or some other lame excuse. I'll get there soon I hope.
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