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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by el gaitero View Post
Perhaps in this same vein...I posted here several months ago ‘ What makes a reed Bb?”

Could not get a definitive answer from a few reed makers...and learned that a eg. Shepherd standard reed works just as good in my Bb chanter as does a Shepherd reed stamped Bb. ( ...and they appear identical externally)
I tried this only after a RPM friend said had didn’t know what a Bb reed was ...he only uses standard reeds in his own Bb chanter.
From what I've heard Bob Shepherd say, the B flat reeds were just ones that sounded flatter off the board..I like the idea of playing B flat chanters in competition, the Shepherd Orchestral has been my regular stick for years..I don't get the idea of trying to make sharper pitched chanters fit to B flat with so called composite reeds whatever that is...
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