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Default Re: Bagpipe Refurbish

Originally Posted by Repip View Post
Two questions to those that know:

When refurbishing a bagpipe how does one:

A - strip the old finish off (wax/oil/varnish) without damaging the wood?
B - when you polish them up again are the steps a good oil then friction wax
on a lathe? And what wax is commonly used?

Use paint stripper if removing varnish...clean out the combing with a tooth brush as you move along. Wipe down the wood with neutral spirits prior to refinishing. Ive done a number of sets...the remover had no deleterious effect on ivory silver or the abw. I’d suggest caution near imitation Ivory.

For wax finish removal would seem easier to put the parts on a lathe and spin off the old wax with neutral spirits. But chucking- unchecking might be ? maybe just a terry cloth and neutral spirits by hand rubbing...if going to apply New wax. I’ve always used ‘bowling alley’ wax...hard finish. Follow apply and dry time directions on the can. Clean excess promptly from combing with a tooth brush.
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