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Default Re: Nerves getting the better of Pipers and Drummers?

I've seen pressure in many forms, piping being only one of them.
Experience is very important. Just playing with the band at practice trough the year, and then go on stage at a competition will not prepare you. That stage fright will set you out completely in most situations. When ever I have a new competition set, I find an audience as soon as I'm confident in playing it. That might be family, friends, pubs, etc. Just get the feeling of playing in front of people.

Also find that inner peace when up there. If you keep thinking on that big trophy, you will in most situations fail miserably. You relax, have fun and get into the music.

Still, there is a few rules I always follow when performing:
*Never look into someones eyes
*Never look at their feet (they might not be holding the right beat and will set you off)

I once competed at a local target range, home to a local champion.
Being very good at shooting air-rifle, he had won so many gold medals that he put them all up side by side along the 10 meter wall at the side. There were no gaps at all between them, and they covered the whole distance.
No matter how good you are: walking in there, getting ready to shoot and see that impressive view. Everyone will get shaky.
Never sacrifice clarity for speed
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