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Neil Clark
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Default Re: Nerves getting the better of Pipers and Drummers?

From my own experience, nerves can occur when you aware of something which has the potential to go wrong, and your' control over it isnt as solid as it should be.

1. Know the tunes. Inside out. anything less, and don't expect to be placed. This applies to band as well as solo. More so in solo, but in the band, deep down, you know that YOU'RE the guy who made the tiny slip, or maybe just cut out, but hopefully no one noticed.

2. Instrument must be SOLID. Have confidence in your' tuning, and don't worry about the time you take, unless yer on a light system. Get it right, then play. If it's not right, you know its not right, and you'll never play your best. ( Seem to know a lot about this one eh? This is my personal hell)

Band - double toning bass is going to cost the comp. Sort it. Don't be sky high in case it happens.

Nerves for nerves sake - don't have a wee half! Judges genuinely want you to play well. Pointers. write yer tunes down, bad enough playing them without trying to remember the names on the boards.

Match the names to the tunes. Twice last year I played the wrong bloody tune, one of which I hadnt even submitted.

Loads of stuff. And maybe a lot of that doesnt deal with nerves by itself. But anything you can do to build confidence should be done.
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