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Neil Clark
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Default Re: Nerves getting the better of Pipers and Drummers?

Originally Posted by PiperLongbotham View Post

On Monday night i had a dozen iphones and another dozen cameras right in my face at midnight (in full no.1's)......bright lighting, and the heat of the was too much.....the tunes i had rehearsed to play were forgotten, or my fingers didnt work, and i reverted to my dozen or so, old, reliable easy tunes.

How do I stop this 'buckling' next year? ( I am booked again for the same venue).

Any hints or tips?
Meant to reply to this in the earlier post.

You kind of answered yourself there. If you forgot your' rehearsed tunes, then you didnt know them well enough. Simple.

Please don't view this as an attack, I've done it too. But it should be automatic. If its not, you don't know the tune properly. And presumably be less nervous.
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