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Default List of pipe supplies stores, etc

Hi all,

I've been searching for a bunch of pipe books recently (many of which I've found, some I have not) ... which has made it necessary for me to seek out many various suppliers from all over.

In doing so, it's become quite evident that many suppliers simply aren't around anymore, but their websites are still going. It makes it really difficult to search and shop with any degree of confidence.

I'm wondering if there's an acceptable (according to the forum rules) manner of maybe posting/maintaining a running list of store/suppliers on this forum, so that maybe we, as a community, can help each other in finding what we need from the various online suppliers out there?

I'm envisioning a running list, which includes a location for the business, and maybe a status (e.g. operating as of MM.DD.YYYY, "not in operation as of MM.DD.YYYY")? My hope would be that both consumers and businesses could benefit from having a constantly evolving and updated list.

My only worry might be that if erroneous information were to ever be posted (whether malicious or accidental), such a listing could inadvertently become damaging to those listed (e.g. a business being mentioned as "not operating" if/when the opposite is actually true). In order to avoid such issues, maybe a volunteer or two (I would readily volunteer for such a task) might need to be involved in periodic fact-checks, or posting approvals in order to avoid the aforementioned concerns?

I've been compiling a list for myself, to help me keep track of who is actually operating, and who actually is not ... so I can see where this could be helpful information for others, but as mentioned above, I would want this to be a benefit for everyone, not the contrary.

Any thoughts? If such a thing could exist on the forum, where/how should it be? Basically, this is just something that I recognize would have been quite helpful for me, as I attempted to search for what I've been looking for, so I thought I'd offer a suggestion based on that experience.

Thanks for any input.

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