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Default Re: List of pipe supplies stores, etc

Originally Posted by Andrew Lenz View Post
Ken MacKenzie (moderator here) maintains the BDF Web Directory now. If you find something outdated, drop him a note at the email address on the page. He doesn't have the time or energy to proactively check the links himself—granted, there is software out there that can do it. It might take a while before he does the update, but it should happen.

Right on, thank you Andrew. Most of my info has been directed toward searching for pipe books, but I've definitely compiled quite a list.

Is this directory advertised anywhere? This is the first I'd heard of it, so even if it WERE up-to-date, it's not of very much use if people don't know it's even there. I'm actually quite astounded I didn't run into it before as I was searching the internet for various books (and still am, for a fair few).

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