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Default Re: position of drones

If the medium bag seems better and is comfortable, that's probably a good indication you need something bigger.

This will vary based on bag make and personal preference, but in general if you're:

5' 8" tall or shorter, look at an extra small or a small;
5' 9" to 6", small or medium;
6' to 6' 4", medium or large;
Any taller than that, large.

I think that's paraphrasing Jim McGillivray's site (can't remember where I jotted it down from). If you're able to, see if you can get some time on pipes with different bag sizes and figure out what works for you.

I'm 5' 10". I've had success with extended smalls or mediums depending on the make, although I use "Willie McCallum" bags on two out of three pipes right now.
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