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Default Re: Starting a Small Pipe Session

Venue: I'd suggest starting with someplace you don't need to pay to use, but somewhat neutral territory rather than someone's home, in the events some people might find that awkward. ( though I used to attend a bluegrass jam in a private home regularly).

Approach: Direct approach with a few friends and friends- of friends , although I'm hoping Ron Schlie or Skye Richendorfer will chime in here as they have got some sessions going in their area.

Tunes/ Repertoire- The LBPS has a few books out which would certainly fit the bill- unison and ensemble ( duets, trios) arrangements.

Frequency: Monthly to start, to give time for guys to learn new tunes between sessions.

Something to think about ( Having participated in sessions in Irish pubs, bluegrass jams and Trad Jazz Jams on different instruments)- have the group agree on certain core principals- instrumentation- You might not want 30 or so bodhran players ( or a dozen dobros) showing up. Session etiquette- who leads, calls the tune going around in circle, how to end a tune, whether or not to use sheet music, etc.

Good luck
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