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Default Re: Starting a Small Pipe Session

Not directly SSP-related, but where I live the Irish music players have a dedicated "slow session" for enthusiastic but perhaps not overly experienced players. It's in a centrally located pub once a month and the organizers do a great job of sending out set lists along with sheet music well in advance, mostly well-known tunes that aren't too difficult, but there is occasionally a challenging one. The week before they also send round the playlist for the evening (which includes some of the new tunes as well as ones from previous sessions.) Playing with sheet music isn't frowned upon (some people need it) and all instruments are welcome.

If your goal is to assemble accomplished musicians this might not be an approach you'd use, but if your hope is to make people feel less intimidated by playing the SSP in sessions while they are still in the early stages of learning, it's not a bad way to run things. Having an experienced guitar or piano accompanist really helps as well, because it's a good way to make the sound full, and for the overall effect to be musical and pleasurable for both players and listeners (even if there are a few botched doublings).

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