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Default Re: Starting a Small Pipe Session

My Two Cents,
Our monthly sessions have fallen apart due to lack of participation. There were those of us that were dedicated to playing smallpipes and showed up on a regular basis, but some months only 2 or 3 of us showed up. Our leader tried very hard to get the local GHP players who owned smallpipes to show up. Many said they would try, but they never came. It's almost like they were ashamed to admit to their fellow GHP buddies that they enjoyed playing their smallpipes (Quote.."I only use them for practice") How sad
Our two smallpipe groups here in Syracuse and Rochester NY are a dedicated bunch of musicians who often travel back and forth between cities to practice and perform. My advice to you is to find ONE local piper willing to meet with you and form a group. Practice together often, select tunes you both enjoy, when your ready perform at a local open mic., senior center or church, anyplace.
Now your ready to spread the word about your Smallpipe group. Give yourselves a name!! Build your group one at a time. Look for brave smallpipers who are unashamed and enjoy playing their wee pipes for the fun of it!
Good Luck
Onondaga Piper

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