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Default Re: Old Dogs... New Tricks?

Originally Posted by DNorwood View Post

-Substitute gracenotes for grips, doublings, and toarluath

-Bagpipe Setup...effficient air
I feel these two are important concepts not only for elderly players but also for many "adult beginners" who start the pipes in middle age.

I was amazed when I heard a Fire Department band, made up entirely of people who didn't start playing until adulthood if not middle age, make a hash of all the complex movements in their tunes.

I looked at their music- it was chock-full of complex ornaments that none of the pipers could play cleanly.

Now what is the purpose of ornaments? Aren't they supposed to make the tune sound better? When nobody in the band can play them, and they're just a mush of noise, why leave them in the music?

I would have gone through all their music and cleaned up all their tunes by creating versions that they can actually perform.

About air-efficiency yes, we Old Dogs might not have the fingers we once had but we do know how to set up pipes to sound good with minimum air. So many players are working harder than they need to.
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