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Default Re: Old Dogs... New Tricks?

Originally Posted by John Bolt View Post
Hi all,

I think the single most important thing I figured out for myself was how to make a new chanter reed the strength I needed it to be for continued play. Now a days I have no limit but I still play a really easy pipe!

Another old dog here. I play easy reeds because I can. ( nobody to tell me not to) I often play sets of an hour or more, but usually 20 minutes to a half-hour. Easy reeds also allow for those notes not in the usual 9, such as high G#, High B, etc. I also exercise almost every day- swim a mile or walk 3 or 4 miles- it all works together.

If the time comes that I can't play the big pipes, I'll still have Lowland pipes and SSP to play, but I'm not ready to step away from the weddings, graduations, funerals, parties, civic and corporate events i get hired to play just yet.
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