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Default Re: Water bottles and camelpacs

Originally Posted by BaggyMcPipes View Post
I always wear a pack. We usually march in white shirt & tie with a gray vest- I find that the straps and pack itself blend-in to the vest well enough, (my pack is black and gray,) that it's hardly noticeable. And having the backpack is nice to pack a spare chanter with reed, some water bottles in case someone else needs a drink, etc.

Our band is far from paramilitary, so that's different, of course. But I don't find it at all difficult to play.

In fact, I have a photo here from the 4th of July parade- the hydration backpack was the least impeding thing I was wearing that day...

Hey- maybe a set of matching packs, with the band logo, so everyone is wearing them would be a way to go, eh?

However it shakes out- stay hydrated!

Like the photo you couldn’t wear another flag[emoji12] I like your idea regarding matching packs great food for thought, thanks. pipe on!

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