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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by Harley G View Post
The difference is quite small as you are only altering the pitch by a small amount in hardware terms.

A standard Shepherd is about 0.3 - 0.4mm shorter than their Bb offering. As all makers may vary the staple length and the length of reed extending past the staple eye you need to be brand specific when comparing. Obviously this will also differ depending on the cane. Small capillary long fiber cane tends to be alot stronger both in length and width so the same maker may vary the profile to suit the batch of cane. The machine that Shepherd uses can dynamically test for hardness, hence his consistency. The joys of CNC.

The shorter the reed the sharper. To stop the top hand going ballistic you make the lips wider which flattens down the top hand proportionally more than it effects the bottom hand. Sorry if I was not clear in my last post.

If the lips are too wide and the cane is not strong enough they can flex too much and will not close evenly across the lips. They end up touching in the middle with a small air gap out towards the edges like a figure eight. This causes that scurly, raspy thin hA as well as base to octave chirps and squeals. This is why the spine on cane reeds is so important. Look at a clarinet/saxophone reed up to the light and you will see that on good reeds there is a distinctive pointed spine in the middle of the reed going up to the tip. Same principle applies to double bladed reeds, just as an oboe player and they get to control the reed with the luxury of embouchure. No such luck for the GHB piper.

We apply this principle to composite reeds also.
Very illuminating post, thanks
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