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Originally Posted by Klondike Waldo View Post
I'm confused, Harley. What key do you play "Danny Boy" in? I have no problem cross fingering a high G#, and the low G# can be half-holed, though I prefer not to in general. In A, the tune needs a High C#and to me, that's where it all comes crashing down.
Yes Danny Boy, in A on GHB, starts on Low G# so halfholing yes.

Then soon comes a phrase that goes B Low A Low F#.

And the ending cadence goes Low F# Low G# Low A.

For which 99% of pipes just play Low G (natural) over and over. Unacceptable, to me.

Then there's all the High G#'s and High C# etc.

It's why I play it in D Major where all the correct notes are under the fingers, though yes octaves have to drop.

Every note of the first part fits right under the fingers, and only the two High B's have to be dropped to the ordinary B.

The second part then begins entirely an octave down. Hitting that highest note is no problem, it's the pipe's ordinary F#.

Ditto Irish Eyes (D Major) and Greensleeves/What Child Is This (D minor).
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