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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by Harley G View Post
Matt, you make a very strong point.

Orchestras play at around A 440 and have done so for a long time. Probably there is a sound musical reason for this. They are also being judged by people listening and appreciating music, not someone looking at a tuner watching for visible hemp lines and type of equipment brand and material.
That standard has not been around as long as some people may think- 20th Century. Some Orchestras used to tune Higher A=452Hz, some lower (432 Hz). I once bought a century old B flat tuba that was about a half-tone flat, which I discoverdwhile playing my first parade with it. Transposing all the written music on sight was , well shall we say exciting?
Originally Posted by Harley G View Post
Orchestras often use objective blind testing selection processes to select musicians and judging by the output, I would have to think this is a sound practice.
I see what you did there
Originally Posted by Harley G View Post
Set achievable goals and you will keep this craft alive. Let people play whatever they like and just judge on the output. In stating this, I still have music teachers that refuse to call the GHB a musical instrument.
I've seen that too, and I used to be a music teacher and professional musician. (still a professional musician, but retired from teaching)
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