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Default Re: Embouchure stamina

As a long-time instrumental music teacher and band director, I would advise the student to change his embouchure for the bagpipe, getting is lower lip out from between the mouth piece and his teeth, but still keep the corners of his mouth in and firm, as if saying "Eeww." Yes, I understand that some people find that flat -mouthpiece, single-reed embouchure works for them, but having teeth on both sides of the mouthpiece takes some of the work off the lip muscles. The reason clarinet and sax players have the lower lip over the teeth is to control pressure on the reed itself to adjust intonation. It has no purpose at all in playing bagpipes, other than familiarity for those of us who played clarinet or sax before taking up the pipes.

I'd also spend some time with him with only one drone going to get a smooth transition between blowing and pressing, regardless of how long/short the phrasing/intake is.
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