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Depends if you're cleaning a bit of grime or some more serious detritus.

For both, I think a good nylon bristle brush is the first step.
On a polypenco chanter I'd let it soak in soap and water first and most dirt will slide away with little to no persuasion.
I wouldn't soak a wooden chanter, but would a few dropsnof water to help loosen any grime.

If you're trying to loosen any burrs or errant pieces I'd tey to clean them up with a deburring tool.
Just lightly run the edge of the deburrer around the inside of tone hole. Run the nylon brush through at intervals to clean up anything that is still hanging on and keep sighting down the chanter to check your progress.

If deburring/cleaning a wood might want to put a few drops of bore oil into the area you were just cleaned.

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