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Originally Posted by CalumII View Post
Have you been reading some rather old fashioned literature?

If so, clearing the throat was something of a fashion at one time, I suspect more due to rising pitch than due to some sort of necessary procedure. However, it was claimed that the throats of chanters narrowed over time and needed reaming out to their original size.

If you're thinking of this, it's a job for a pipemaker, I'd say.
If anyone will examine the inside of their mouthpiece tip they will find a residue of brownish dried ....stuff. This same stuff is likely to accumulate in a chanter throat over time...hence the 'wash up' with a dampend soft 'scrubber' of a sort.

But,yes,.... a truly narrowed throat is due to blackwood shrinkage...whereby the hole actually gets minutely smaller...not larger by the wood pulling'back' as one might think.

After a 'wet' cleansing of residue and air drying... lightly using the smooth shaft end of the original size twist drill will true the throat without damage ...the true throat being just that
proprietary and crucial short cylindrical bit between the bottom of the reed seat and the top of the chanters' bore. This is what a pipemaker will do...or so two current day prolific makers have told me. After all.....except for the proprietary design ( precise length of the bore,throat 'tube' and reed seat depth)'s not rocket science....just a small ho!e burnished with the same twist bit as initially.
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