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My theory ... when the pitch of pipe bands started to move ever upward, pipe majors of bands owning beautiful, musical, powerful blackwood chanters were faced with maintaining pitch, and so the carving began. Can this be verified?
Undoubtedly an astutely thought out theory seeming to have much relevance to the question as pondered. This can be verified but as with all theories will take both time and financial resources. My recommendation is to leave this as a theory (#1)

My theory #2 (see above) then has players with said bands, not knowing the reason for the carving just started carving as a matter of fact , regardless of date of manufacture, chanter maker, etc.
Aha - the old "Monkey See, Monkey Do" theory. This one probably has much merit, but again will take much time and resources to verify. But since you passed on that question for this we can also leave it as a theory (#2).

It would seem that there are certain musical properties of chanters that are changed by carving holes: besides pitch--tone, projection, stability, to name a few.
Oh - an auditory specialist? Perhaps an accoustics engineer? And with theories no less...

I'd appreciate any input on this before I get out my Dremel moto-tool (or worse, my router)
There is only one way to test a theory........Let me know if you strike oil!

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