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Patrick's site....? what is that?

Kidding... I am playing the pipes he has recorded there actually( well not Bryan's but one of the sets). I love the tone. Very unique timber to me.

I was looking to get some more feedback. It occurred to me not long ago that this site has an amazing posterity database inherent in it.. really amazing and I can read/see the change in ideas, philosophies and trends of the past 15 years.

Its pretty wild. I am trying to build a log wherever I have a lucid thought/question so that the newer pipers can have an easier time getting some answers than we did in the early days.

As Wulls tagline states " its not not knowing the answer, but knowing where to find the answer.." or something along those lines

"A man looks down a dark tunnel he must walk, and sees no light and the end of it. It is at that moment that his character is revealed."
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