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Interesting thought.

I know Keith Jeffers did this when he first got started and it resulted in both Patrick and myself in purchasing a set each from him (amazing tone)

But Murray is quite an established maker already (and his metslwork is pretty amazing as well) and from what I understand he is swamped with work.

One of the things I will always prefer is the hand touch and the one-off of hand turned pipes.

The more I play these drones the more amazed I am at this sound. The best I can explain it is a vibrancy and buzz but without the sound being buzzy... I know it doesn't make sense. They are just alive. Tap the bass or tap the tenors and "the sound" is not there... but all three going creates this unified blended sound that I can't figure out where it's coming from except to say the sum is greater than the parts.

Lovely sound.

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