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Default Re: Your 2019 setup?

Aaaaand it's back to the Ezeedrone tenors for me. Finally got the bridles back juuust so. If only they were slightly less fidgety.

After checking out the drone samples on Will McKenzie's thread, I tried a few other reeds that I had been hoarding. For my pipes, at least, Cannings gave me the most cane-like tone, but they were also pretty fussy about strike-ins. The Selbie tenors were also nice--better than I remembered. I had been thinking of selling my Selbies on the Trading Post, but I think I might keep them now. A bit boring perhaps, but Ezee tenors and Kinnaird bass still seem overall best for me for tuning, tone, and stability. For now.

Incidentally, I thought I'd point something out re: Moose valve + Trap-Dri. When I first installed the Moose valve in my blowpipe, I thought there'd be just barely enough room to also fit the Trap-Dri bottle trap... I'd often leave it just a little ways out of the stock just in case--and it would usually fall out. Given that my blowpipe stock is almost 100 years old, I was also getting nervous about the valve being in there at all... Quick Google search and I came upon David Locky's ingenious modification--putting the moose valve INSIDE the bottle trap behind the Trap-dri.

You can read all about it here:

At first, I was really nervous about having the valve that far away and also about the whole thing falling apart at the worst possible moment. If I'm in a competition or a performance situation, I'll probably use copious amounts of duct tape just in case, but so far, everything's been totally airtight and worked really well. I'm trying to get an hour a day in on the pipes these days, and since switching over to this, my Kinnaird bass reed hasn't had a wisp of moisture on it. Without the Trap-dri, it used to get totally drenched...

Thanks for coming up with this, David! If you're ever in Portland, drinks are on me!

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