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Default Trouble making chanter reeds - advice?

I have several unsuccessful attempts at making a smallpipe chanter reed, and could use some advice.

I have tried several different methods (the ones that show up in google-searches, I won't link them here, unless you ask).

There are some things that happen that every direction I read doesn't seem to deal with, so maybe someone out there has some advice.

Some basics on what I am doing:
  • Synthetic blades (yogurt cup plastic, a.k.a. arundo yoplait)
  • Dimensions of blades 12mm wide and 40mm long, shoulder located around 23 mm from edge of blades
  • rubber cement to hold to staple
  • wrapped with dental floss
  • 24 ga. copper wire bridle, 3 wraps
  • plumber tape wrapping over wrapping
  • aluminum and brass staples, approx 25 mm. in length, oval profile at top
  • top of staple 1-2 mm above shoulder of blades
So, there are two problems I am is that the blades slip out of position despite the rubber cement and binding

secondly, I sand the blades thinner, but I still don't seem to be getting a good buzz from the reed. Do I just keep sanding until it gets the buzz I want?

I know there are a billion variables at work, here, but if anyone has some advice, I'd appreciate it.

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