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Default Re: Low G to B KAHHHNNNNNN!!!!

One of the most frustrating movements out there, for sure.

Firstly, your bottom hand must be in a neutral position. This means that when the finger lifts, it should fall back on the hole without being "aimed". If you have to place it on the hole to get it in the right place, you need to move your hand position to achieve this. In combination with this, make sure you are only moving the knuckle that joins the finger to the hand, and that the hand is not "reaching" forward to cover the lowest hole.

Secondly, it's quite common for the fingers to not "trigger" together and lift at once. You need to learn how to do this and then, once you've learnt to do it, practice it.

To learn how to do it, simply raise the fingers in the "wrong order" - the B then the A. Do it with a deliberate, controlled gap. Once you can do that repeatably with the same rhythm, speed it (the gap) up slowly. At a certain point, the fingers will suddenly start moving together. Listen carefully for that point and memorise that feeling. You've now learned *how* to trigger the fingers to move together. Now you need to repeat that process daily until you can move the fingers together at will without a controlled warm-up.

This technique works with any combination of fingers that won't lift together - E and F are also common culprits.
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