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Default Re: Low G to B KAHHHNNNNNN!!!!

I call that 'peeling', when you are changing from a lower note to a higher note and a finger doesn't lift with the others (LG to B, E to HG, etc).. The fingers peel up one after the other instead of both at the same time.

Calum has some good note change exercises that would probably help under his 'scary exercises' link.. Plus, as el gaitero has noted, just doing those problem notes repeatedly (slowly and correctly!) would help. I recall at NAAPD when Ed Neigh was playing Flett from Flotta he wasn't as clean as he liked with one part. When he got through playing he said 'wow, I think that was flett from flotta sorta' and then started playing those few problem notes about 10 times.. Afterwards he said "There, now, much better!"

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