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Default Re: Low G to B KAHHHNNNNNN!!!!

Originally Posted by BaggyMcPipes View Post

When playing (from Low G to B) try to lead with your ring finger.
That's exactly what I've found to help with myself and students.

It's the fundamental teaching concept of getting the student to stop doing something by having them practice the diametric opposite.

The task is to lift the little and ring fingers together.

The problem is that the student is lifting the little finger first.

The solution is to have the student practice lifting the ring finger first.

I had one student who had the most chronic crossing-notes of anyone I'd experienced.

The only way I could fix it was come up with an exercise for every note-change, where he did the note-change in two steps, the first step being

When going to a higher note, initiate the movement with the topmost finger involved in the new note.

It is impossible to create a crossing-note if this principle is followed.
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