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Default Re: Searching for tunes with a high B note

While I do have a smallpipe chanter with a high B key, most of these tunes I play on my John Swayne border pipe which can go up another half octave above high A; however these tunes on cursory inspection stop at the high B.

I can point you in the direction of sheet music if you need assistance. They're not all Scottish tunes (most aren't). Many of them must be transposed up from the keys the other traditions (e.g. Irish) play them in. ABC notation and the program EasyABC are your friend.

Mo Ghile Mear
MacArthur Road
Comin' Thro' The Rye
Give Us a Drink of Water (has a high C but substitution should be easy enough)
Paddy Cronin's
Pipemaker's Hornpipe
Uist Tramping Song
Boys of Malin (if you ignore that the high Gs need to be sharps, G#)
Brother's (Jig)
Child in the Manger (Bunessan)
Cumberland Waltz
Keelman Ower the Land (G# that can probably be played as G or left out entirely)
Kennet's Dream
Loch Lomond
MacKinnon's Other Rant
Molly Rankin's
O'Keeffe's (slide)
Taim in Arrears
The Cock and the Hen
The Rookery

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