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Default Re: Your 2019 setup?

I enjoy these threads.

New for me this year is a Begg sheep bag. I was skeptical that it would benefit someone of my level (grade 4 solo, grade 5 band), but I have to say I like it. I stop noticing that it's there while I'm playing sometimes, which I take as a good sign. I can keep a lot of air in the bag without any wheezing noises, though I attribute this more to my current drone reeds. My pipes hardly need any time to settle in (a tip I learned is to put my pipes inside a big ziplock bag before putting them in the case so the bag doesn't dry out too much, though obviously take care not to put them away wet in the colder weather). So for band I play:
Dunbar blackwood pipes
sheep bag, split stock with a vinyl tube
G1# chanter, G1 platinum reed
Henderson Harmonic Deluxe drone reeds.

I get a good full, bright sound, and my setup is easy to blow and very efficient. My PM tried my pipes recently and complimented the sound and how comfortably I was set up. One the prouder moments in my short time as a piper.

I have a solo set up, which I don't play as often as I like. My solo chanter pitches around Bb, so requires a change of drone reeds to play. When I have it going, I feel this set up has a warmer, more vintage sound

Dunbar blackwood chanter, Husk reed
Balance tone Bb reeds

Wishing everyone great tone and comfortable playing this summer!

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