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Default Re: Your 2019 setup?

My 2019 setup changed for the first half of the year. I swapped my custom made Wygent duotone reeds out of my 1931 S&8 Hendys and into my 1960s Hendys. I put a Canmore ext med hybrid bag on it along with my band G1 chanter and Megarity reed. This was my travel setup for the band trip to the European in Inverness. I used a moose valve and the Canmore tube/bottle trap. This setup worked very well, no issues at all in Scotland. I have been playing this set of reeds since 2005. Retongued once.

For the rest of the year, back in Az, I am swapping back to my old Hendersons and giving my later set to my nephew. I will end up with them back when he becomes proficient and gets a new set.

My old hendersons have an ext small Canmore hybrid, thatI will likely swap to the medium. I have been using the hybrid bags and feel they are very close to the sheep as far as tone and can run as dry or wet as you want. I have also been using the Tone protector on my chanter. That performs so well that I am considering going back to cane drone reeds. I didn't like the cost of tone protectors for the drones so I made some myself. I have about $25 in them, and they are virtually identical to the original. Now I just need to find some decent cane reeds.
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