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Default Please - choose the best forum for your new topic

I know we have some visitors (usually fairly new ones) that like to have only one forum here. Think about that, it could never work, really. We have 300-500 and more new posts here each day, as many as 50,000 visits, and a large number of very separate topics being discussed. The result of this wide number of topics is that our visitors usually go to their favourite forums, based on the content of those forums.

IF your new topic is about the instrument - in any way - then the forum for it is the Technique & Instrument Forum.

IF your topic is about Pipe Bands - then please use the Pipe Band Forum.

Contest results - we have a forum.

Music - on there too..

AND it goes on.

Many thousands of our visitors NEVER go to the Beer Tent - posting an off topic subject there (even questions about Bagpipes Identification (as an example) are nearly always off topic in the BT) may result in the people you want not even seeing your post - experts on pipe identification I mean.

So - it'll help us all a great deal - when starting a new thread, choose the most appropriate forum - please. It'll help the discussion of your topic, and it will help us all in keeping this scary big place sort of under control .

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