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Default Re: Pipers in the old days

Continuing with some single photos.

This is one of my earliest, mid-19th century. One sees a variety of bonnet sizes and shapes then. That sort of hose appears in many 19th century photos but has fallen from favour.

Another excellent mid-19th century photo, decked out with two Highland pistols and powder-horn, but plain hose. That plaid brooch is huge.

Another early photo.

And another, showing the common mid-19th century wearing of ankle-boots with the kilt, a plain jacket, and a bias-cut tartan bagcover. Long hair sporrans, brown-grey, often lacking tassels, served as "day" sporrans before the small pocketlike leather Day sporrans appeared around 1900.

Further forward in time, a nice portrait of a young piper. Nice button-mount pipes and a plain doublet.

Due to the piping this photo excellently shows the cut of the old civilian doublet, standard piper's dress throughout the second half of the 19th century and well into the 20th.

Here is another great photo of the typical late Victorian civilian piper's dress. Once again the sporran has no tassels, and look at the size of those cuffs!

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