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Default Re: Pipers in the old days

Originally Posted by Leong View Post
The "attitude" of the piper and the pipes is quite interesting. The drones are almost horizontal. Is it because the chanter stock is too long or the blowpipe too short? There are other period photos which show somewhat similar pipe postures.
I wonder about this when I see old pictures (and going back further, paintings and etchings) of pipers. It looks like the bags were shaped differently, sort of large and round in the back, like a teardrop shape, and they hold them with the front sticking up higher and the large round part under their elbow, with the drones sticking back like the guy in this picture.
Was this to keep water from getting on the chanter reed? I assume drops would roll down away from the chanter stock that way. Did they have something like a tube that we use now, before vinyl tubing and so on?

My other guess is that since you had to relax and stand still whilst having your picture taken back then (exposure times were long) that they weren't actually playing, and just set the pipes on their shoulder like that in a pose, maybe enough air in the bag to fill it out a little bit, so they wouldn't be blurry in the picture.
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