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Wow, Interesting conversation. I agree that in many bands, esp those who have a busy performance schedule, writing, finding, and learning new scores isn't a priority. It's sad that new scores may be sacrificed for the sake of a concert. One of the things my band does, is everyone (just about) writes some. Not all of it "makes the cut", and it changes alot between out first drafts and walking up to the line, but everyone has a role in the score, dynamics, expression.

Perfect example of this (and one that you leads might want to try on your corps), is me because I've been out of the "scene" for a year or two, and had only been with Ben Nevis for a couple of months. My lead laid out the pipe scores for a MSR next year, and said "You get to write one, pick." (Hmmmm, Susan MacLeod or Mrs. MacPherson of was a tough choice).

Either way, even the one snare who dosen't really write scores comes up with ideas during the first few practices and comes up with many good ideas which are often incorporated into the scores.

It's important to keep an open enviroment in the corps, and encourage all (particularily young or newer members) to write. Too many bands are dominated by one or two composers, and that leads to a drum nazi effect, and that can lead to Grade Camping.

Enough rambling, Cheers!

CHris Davies
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