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Default Zampogna forum totally unfriendly with screen readers, please help.

Hey pipers,
For those of you who play the zampogna, there is an Italian Zampogna forum run by Alfonso Toscano called Chitarra Batente, but there are a ton of zampogna threads. This is the only zampogna forum in the world that ever exists.
Unfortunately I am having tons of trouble because, this is the one and only zampogna forum that ever exists, and I'm a huge fan of the zampogna. The worst part is, there is this visual captcha that I as a blind person CANNOT fill out because it's F**ing VISUAL, and there is no audio challenge!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCUSE ME????????!!!!!!!! Just because I'm blind means I cannot go on a zampogna forum!!!!!!!???????? How ridiculous and in fact illegal! All webpages must be accessible to screen readers, and this zampogna forum is not: Visual captchas are also illegal according to the research that I've done, because this prohibits blind people from accessing otherwise legitimate, very important information. In fact, a reason why blind people can't vote in elections is because the machines are not blind-friendly either.
Can a zampogna player on here kindly please assist me with finding zampognari on this Chitarra Batente forum who speak English? I am trying to create a Facebook group dedicated to zampogna and ciaramella players who speak English, because I don't speak Italian yet (having to learn a whole new language just to purchase one instrument is totaly unfair to me).
At least I have tried but the website is technically failing me. Why aren't there zampogna players on this forum anyway, if this is about bagpipes in general? This forum is accessible to the blind (including audio captchas, if any), and I've known about several different forums for computer questions, other musical questions, etc. If the one and only zampogna forum in the world does not work, considering that I love the zampogna... what now? Why shouldn't there be another forum about the zampogna? This is an instrument that is endangered and I want to help to do all I can to popularize it.
Thanks for your cooperation and I look forward to hearing from anyone willing to assist me with this. However, the feeling of having to rely on sighted people to do something seemingly simple is another thing that bothers me. For example, I could not buy some zampogna CD's that I've been wanting until I contacted a zampogna player who was willing to go completely out of his way to help me. Trust me, I don't want to make people's lives that arduous. And my apologies for the anger here, but captchas are something I can't just change and is in fact an underestimated problem with websites that prohibit blind people from accessing them. I did not do anything wrong and hope I did not insult anyone.

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