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Default Re: Nerves getting the better of Pipers and Drummers?

I read this post with interest as I was looking for "playing under pressure" in the search function.

I play regularly throughout the year at Weddings, birthdays, for friends, with the band etc, although I have never competed on the boards at a highland games or competition, I have watched a few......
(Maybe a pilgrimage to the College of Piping in Glasgow would help?)

At Hogmanay this year I buckled under the pressure of the audience and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions for getting over it?

Playing at a wedding or for friends, the audience is present but not 'in your face'......

On Monday night i had a dozen iphones and another dozen cameras right in my face at midnight (in full no.1's)......bright lighting, and the heat of the was too much.....the tunes i had rehearsed to play were forgotten, or my fingers didnt work, and i reverted to my dozen or so, old, reliable easy tunes.

How do I stop this 'buckling' next year? ( I am booked again for the same venue).

I also have my OWN wedding to play at this summer, where i expect the situation will arise again!

Any hints or tips?
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