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Default Re: Drone instability, poor blowing or moisture?

Originally Posted by Big Tone View Post
How long is a 'fair bit of practicing/playing'?
About 30-40+ minutes

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
I didn't see mention of bag type and whether the drones are wood or plastic.

I had far too much moisture buildup when I tried playing some plastic drones for a while, and I went back to wood.

With wood drones, and a sheepskin bag, or Gannaway bag or GoreTex bag you shouldn't have too much moisture buildup unless you're playing a very long time at one go.

We see it all the time On The Day, when pipers whose pipes are used to a certain amount of playing get over-played. Various sorts of mischief happens with waterlogged pipes like drones cutting out, strike-ins getting trickier, chanter going weak, etc.

It’s a Bannatyne bag, I’m not sure if it’s a hybrid or regular (It’s the light tan color), but the pipes are ABW Dunbar’s with full imitation ivory.

Thanks for all the input.

I’ll try playing with the moisture control system later today and see if that helps. I do think moisture is the culprit here, but my blowing/squeezing may still need work too, so perhaps it’s both. Hmmmmm.
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