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Default Maybe time for new Technopipes electronics...

I've had my Fagerstrom Technopipes since about 2007, they've seen quite a bit of both use and abuse over the years. Some battle scars too. But they've also done yeoman duty for me as well.

Finally the all in one Headphone Jack & On/Off switch has failed. So I've send an e-mail off to Mr Anders Fagerstrom asking about repairs and if it might be practical. Looking at the assembly of the device, I'm not tempted to attempt that on myown due to the smaller size of the solder joints made by machine processes. There are tighter tolerances than I'm willing to attempt also.

Yes, I can spring for a new set, but I'm a little bit of a tightwad too... That and I' like to splurge on good whiskeys single malt occasionally.

Has anyone else had interactions on getting the electronics repaired/replace. Just curious myself.

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